Wandy looked as if he didn't want to go out there

Man it's hard to watch this dreadful team.Wandy looked as if he didn't want to go out there.He gave up a leadoff homer juuuuust inside the foul pole.He must of thought the same thing?- oh, no that I did.He then gave up a single, a GIDP, a walk, and a K.Meanwhile, Haren gave up a leadoff single to Bourn, then struck out the side. replica Bvlgari 101014 Ladie's watch Second inning, Wandy gave up a dribbler for an IF hit, struck out 2 and got a comebacker.Meanwhile, Haren gets 2 Ks and a groundout on 9 pitches.Have I mentioned that the Astros hitters are swinging on almost every pitch and almost all of them were NOT in the strike zone.

Time to give Chris a little face, to show how happy he is to be playing second, to remind all the Astros “fans” that he is NOT useless and a piece of rubbish to be released.I also want to point out that he hit a hanging slider you know, the EXACT SAME PITCH THAT ALBERT HIT OFF BRAD LIDGE.You know, the one that is replica Chopard 168457-3001 watch supposed to have “destroyed” ol Brad and turned him into a “head case” who is afraid of success.Or was it stress, I can’t quite remember…Even a little guy like Burke, not exactly famous for being Mr.Home Run Hitter unlike Uncle, will hit a nice fat hanging slider out of the park.So it is time to get off Brad Lidge’s back, OK?!

I have NO idea how Roy's foot is doing, but he better be ready to come in and pitch a no hitter because Dontrell Willis is pitching like Randy Johnson used to I replica Rado R13332762 watch Dontrell has the highest run support in the NL (like 7 runs game) but our guys aren't taking any pitches or walking much and we've been shut out 5 times on the road, and are averaging about 2 runs 9 innings.I know that Roy has “averaged” higher, but with the exception of the Reds game (11 runs), he's not getting much help from our “hitters” neither.I don't know what Gaetti is doing, but the step to the plate and swing away at everything approach is NOT working.

I bet it was JP Ricciardi those Blue Jay players were absolutely stunned how good Roy

An AL Gm said that? I bet it was JP Ricciardi those Blue Jay players were absolutely stunned how good Roy was when he absolutely shut them down and out in IL play 2 years ago with a CG 4 hit shutout.I remember one Toronto player saying something in awe like I heard he was good, but he’s not good, he’s just FILTHY.Which, of course, is true. replica Chopard 278291-2005 watch Roy is THE ace of the Astros staff, he was before That Traitor and his little friend went back “home”, and he will be for years now that they didn’t let the door hit them on their big butts on the way out the door.Cmon true Astros fans let’s hear it for ROYY!- and a big shout out to Steve Schramm for telling me about this article.Steve simply rocks!

The result:Year Ave. replica Rado R13433152 Men's watch 100Additionally, the only time he has topped yesterday’s 130 was a 133 pitch performance against the Expos on 8 6 04, which I believe would have been an early Garner-managed game.He’s also thrown 120+ 7 times since 2002.In the starts following each of the previous 120 pitch games, Oswalt is 1-4, 4.55 ERA, 1.55 WHIP.I don’t know what conclusions can be drawn from all that but the most interesting thing I saw was that Roy has pitched at least 6 innings in 84 of the 96 starts I looked at since 2002.THAT is the sign of a nice pitcher.YEP!and THAT is why I don’t want Phil fragging his arm.

Remember, this guy is Pedro sized and throws 95, 96 MPH FB and I want to keep him going strong for the next 10 12 years pitching for my Stros…Roy Oswalt, RHP vs Dontrell Willis, LHPRoy had one of the worst starts of his career last replica Rado R20488712 Ladie's watch week in Atlanta (7 ER in 5 IP with a lot of those “hits” falling in front of Taveras and Lamb.) Remember I wrote all last year that things go to heck for him right quick when the defense messes up.(And Lamb is, um, not league average as a LF and Viz ain't no 1B neither, so I'd better NOT be seein them guys there…) .Well, today is gonna be another, um, interesting day.

figgers he has to strike everyone out since he ain't gonna get help in the field and gets hit

roy gets upset, figgers he has to strike everyone out since he ain't gonna get help in the field and gets hit.2) the umps won't call the low outside FB as a strike3) he can't locate the FB up and in.if he walks someone on 4 straight pitches and they aren't borderline replica Rado R20488183 Ladie's watch calls.if he's breezing thru the last few innings, he can go about 115.if he can't locate, about 100.i don't know how to explain it, but i can tell when his motion is different and he's pushing the ball and THATIS when he needs to come out.

if I can tell, WHY can't phil and or hickey?it's a freaking miracle he didn't get tagged for 5 ER last night cuz he was done for after the 7th.you can't ask these guys if they are done because these macho guys let their testicles do the talking and only greg maddux, as far as i know, have the god sense God gave em to tell the manager they done and replica Rado R13337732 Ladie's watch send someone else in.lisaUPDATE 12:30 -I was gonna review pitch counts and starts and what happens to Roy when he’s abused fortunately, Stan da Man did it for me…I just took a (very rudimentry) look at Roy’s pitch counts over the last 4 years, basically all I did was back out his few relief appearances and games in which he left because of injury.

( why am I suspiscious that Stark had to look him up to see who on earth he actually is? Is this just Texas anti East Coast bias on my part?)“But inside the game, people know exactly what Roy Oswalt is: Total ace-hood.So he wound up with six votes, just beating out Dontrelle Willis and Roy Halladay.THE REVIEWS: How's this for high replica Chopard 277012-0004 watch praise? “Probably my choice if I had to win a big game right now,” said one AL GM.… “Watching him throw his curve ball is worth the price of admission.” … “The premier starter in the National League.He has that bulldog mentality that you want out of a starter, in which every pitch matters.He then has the stuff to back it up.”- whoA.

the point is that it's silly to have a mandatory pitch limit unless you KNOW that someone

4 the point is that it's silly to have a mandatory pitch limit unless you KNOW that someone can't go over 100 105 pitches say backe, without running into immediate trouble.it's STUPID to take a guy who has just come back from elbow surgery say pettitte and leave him out there for over 100 pitches when he is obviously tired.remember, we want replica Rado R2028219 Men's watch him to pitch NEXT year, too.SO, to answer the question about Roy what is his pitch limit?I've NEVER seen him throw over 120 pitches before.roy loses effectiveness when:1) fielders don't make plays that should be made.

Yeah, I know it is hard to believe.The ESPN and Fox writers hardly even acknowledge the existence of the NL except for the Mets and Cubs.Jayson Stark, another East Coast guy, who used to write for the Philadelphia Inquirer is now the big baseball writer for ESPN.He just wrote a column, mostly about The Traitor who I refuse to talk replica Chopard 278298-2003 watch about any more, but included in there was a list of pitchers who 20 assorted GMs, assistant GMs and scouts “would pay to see.” Note these are not necessarily the pitchers that STARK himself would pay to see, but among all the East Coast and AL guys was this lil bulldog:“ROY OSWALTWe didn't expect Oswalt to make this list, because it seems as though this guy never makes any lists of the best anythings in baseball.”

Why tire everyone out?I seem to remember we got rid of Russ Springer 3 or 4 years back because the Organization was UpSet that he could only go one inning then they got Rick White coughcough who wasn't exactly Mr.MoreThan One Inning Guy and Springer pitched lights out for the Cards for 2 more years.I don't want Bud Norris/Paulino et al to get sent back down because it isn't THEIR fault that the Astros can't/won't hit (you know that Wandy has THE lowest run support of any starting pitcher in the NL replica Bvlgari BB42BSSDAUTO Men's watch an AVERAGE of 1.3 runs/game) and they have just GOT to work out their problems Up Here there really isn't anything they need to do and I don't want to waste any more pitchers for some crappy veteran like Chacin.Tomorrow, it's Paulino vs Jon Garland.I was surprised to see the stands about half full must be the fireworks.This keeps up, and we're gonna draw like the Marlins…


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